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To who may concern,

We are an HR company named Henry ESL ( ) proficient in headhunting and providing jobs for those who want to work and experience life in China. In the past 8 years, We have introduced tens of thousands of foreign teachers to various schools which range from kindergarten to university in China. Currently, we have hundreds of vacancies. all of which are authorized by the “ State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs “ (SAFEA). 

As the development of our company, our job information are quickly updating and growing, but the development is limited by the relative deficiency of foreign teacher resources. That’s why we are looking for cooperation now. You can introduce your teachers to work with us and get 1000 USA dollars each one from them, we also pay you 1000 Yuan RMB for each seasonable talent recommending ,of course if you can Provide some special talent we can pay high commission such 10000-30000 Yuan RMB per recommending .

while we can provide vacancies from all over China for free. 

We can benefit each other!

About us

Company name: Henry ESL

Location: Lian Feng building, Lumo road, optics valley area, Hongshan district, Wuhan

Main business

provide one-stop service for native speakers who want to find an excellent job vacancy across china,learn Chinese mandarin language online, provide authoritative TESOL certificate and date Chinese women both in China and around world.

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Cooperation Programs 

For universities

We build on school-enterprise cooperation programs for new graduates; provide universities students go abroad internship opportunities, encouraging university students to go abroad in China for English Teaching and cultural experience and professional internship in enterprises, aiming to promote the international talent mobility.

For HR Corporations, Institutions and individual agent - sending talents in group

We provide International Talents for opposite side according to mutual requirements, sharing domestic talents market resources and friendship link to one another, and regular sessions on Human Resources Development Measures. Each party is responsible for its own costs in relation to the preparation and execution.

For HR Corporations, institutions and agents who could provide talents from their countries to China in terms of International English teaching or other vocational field, each seasonable talent recommending would be calculated and commissions will be given out after the 5 employment and if you Provide some special talent we can pay high commission.

The reason why you should choose us

(1) over 8 years experience in our business field

(2) nationwide teaching positions information

(3)  Elite team proficient in communication 

If you are interested in this business field, please do not hesitate to talk with us!

Contact: Henry Zhou

Skype: henryesl3600


QQ: 376213770

TEL: 15997486170

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